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Friday, July 15, 2011

Perfect Day for a Girl and a Boy

Perfect Day for a Girl 

8:30 Wake up in the morning to kisses & hugs
8.45 Light exercise
9:15 Take light Breakfast 
11:00 Take a sunbath
12:00 Lunch with best friend at a restaurant
1:30 Go for shopping
2.30 Run for boyfriend / husband
3:30 Spending time for facial, massage, nap
7:30 Candlelight dinner with boyfriend / husband
10:30 Make love
11:30 In deep sleep holding the pillow in her arms

Perfect Day for a Boy

6:45 wake up
7:00 Take a shower and massage
7:15 First Blowjob of the day
7:30 Reading newspaper, USA Today sports section
8:15 Ride into Limo
8:20 Head to Augusta National Golf Club
9:45 Half way to 18 holes in Augusta National Golf Club
11:30 Have Lunch [2 dozen oysters and 3 Heineken]
1.00 Second Blowjob of the day
1:15 Second nine holes in Augusta National Golf Club
2:10 Limo to Augusta Airport
3:15 At Nassau, Bahamas, fishing with all lady crew (topless). 
6:00 Third Blowjob of the day
6:45 Lear Jet return flight, enjoy a full body massage in transit
7:30 Have a shower
8.15 Watching CNN live coverage of resignation of Bill Clinton, Hillary and Al Gore in the same scandal [with graphical representation]
8.45 Have dinner at the Ritz Carlton, Oysters Casino, 20 oz Filet Mignon (very rare), Gorgonzola salad, Fettucini Alfredo, Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1963 (magnum) brutal cream, Louis XII Cognac, Cohiba Lancero
10:30 Have Sex with 3 stunning girl from different countries
11:45 Whirlpool, steam bath and body massage by women (topless) and then final Blowjob and Sleep!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Gift on 25th Anniversary

A woman wanted to give a wonderful gift to her husband on their 25th anniversary and she went to a gift shop.

Woman, “Please show me some real lovely gift for my husband.”

Sales Man, “For how long have you staying together Ma’m?”

Woman, “It’s 25th year.”

Sales Man, “Don’t mind…I thing divorce letter is the perfect gift for your husband!!!!!!!”

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Olympic Gold Medalist Husband

Three women were sitting and talking about their husbands and sex lives.

1st Woman, "My husband is like as a champion golfer. He has been putting perfect shot for last ten years!!!"

2nd Woman, "My husband is like a winner of the Indy 500. It feels like to enjoy several thousands exiting lap, every time we have sex!!!"

Then first two women asked the third woman about her experience with the husband.

She replied, "My man is like an Olympic gold-medalist in 100M"

Other two women wondered, "How so???"

3rd Woman, "Every time we get into bed it takes only 40 seconds to finish it."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I didn't Wear any Pants Under My Skirt

A girl goes out to play with friends only wearing a skirt. In the playground she meets a boy and the boy asked her to climb a tree.

Then the girl climbs up the tree and the boy just stands there looking up to the girl’s pant under the skirt.

After returning home she tells her mum about it.

Mum, "Oh my stupid little girl it’s nothing. He just stood there and watched your pants."

The next day same thing happened again and she got same answer from her mum.

But this time the girl replied to her mum, “You might feel proud for me mum because I tricked him today.”

Mum, “But how?”

Girl, “Today I didn't wear any pants under my skirt"!!!!!!!!!!!